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McG reveals Terminator Salvation sequels story lines

McG.jpgMcG has been talking about a possible Terminator 5 and 6, and as well as talking about what sort of story lines these films will be following, he reveals that there's a very strong connection from Terminator Salvation that is hardly mentioned but very obvious.

Obvious that is if you watch the film, so I'm giving you the chance right here and now to back away from the keyboard and read no further, for we are discussing McG talking about the two sequels to Terminator Salvation and the plot connections from them to this film.


McG is always saying that he won't presume that he'll get to make another film, however, he's at least been thinking about it and has some interesting thoughts about the next films.

Yet before we get to that it seems that there's some confusion about Terminator Salvation and the character of John Connor's wife, Kate, and the fact that throughout the film she's pregnant and nobody really seems to make note of it, not once.

You would have thought that a pregnant woman in a world of Terminators killing humans and trying to wipe them out altogether would be a revered person, and a very protected person, not so it seems, and that's despite us knowing in the Terminator time line that both she and her children become very important.

Why so? Well you'll remember in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines that both she and John find out that the T-800 finally does kill John Connor in the future and that she and the children take up the role to save humanity. So why isn't it even looked at in the fourth film?

Well it could be the fact that McG has said a number of times that he's ignoring the third film and moving on, but regardless you would think it would be alluded to at least.

Talking over at MTV, McG addresses the issue, sort of.

"That's to be explored in the prospective second and third picture...Now, I would never be so bold to presume that there will be another ['Terminator' sequel]. But we've arced out a story that includes that child and its fate and what it becomes in this world of man versus machine."

That means he wants to do another two, if the box office returns persuade the studio accountants that it's worth it.

Bryce Dallas Howard talks about why the story point is important, and also reveals just why the first ending of the film, the one that is to be included on the DVD as an alternate ending, should have been expected all along.

"In the third film, it was suggested that their children together become important...That Kate eventually becomes the leader of the resistance when John Connor dies and that their children together become influential as well. Obviously, that's in a future that we're all working to prevent, because we don't want John Connor to be killed — but it is obviously implied that there are children involved."

McG then reveals a little about the following film story lines, and I mean a little.

"[In the next sequel,] we also study the genesis of Marcus, the coming of time travel and the fate of John Connor himself...We've marked out all those stories. And the child plays a critical role in it."

So we're going to go back to present day in some aspects, or back in time at least, and perhaps the Connor kids are going back too?



With the early reviews saying this film is somewhere between an insipid disappointment and a train wreck, I very much doubt McG will be involved again.

The fans seem to be loving it more than the critics. I've got a feeling I'm going to like it nevertheless. Afterall, I have a soft spot for T3!

It's SO difficult for a franchise like this when whatever you do is going to be compared to the original. Particularly when the source material is created by a master action director like JC. See also Alien - Jaws - X-Men. You can't just replace Cameron with McG and not expect a drop in quality, Ratner was never going to be as good as Singer and I can't even remember who took over from Spielberg on Jaws 2.

I've seen a lot of mixed reviews for this movie. I'm still going to go see it no matter what anyone says.

I'm glad they decided to make this movie more serious. I could never understand the desire to "lighten up" these types of movies.

I say devastate me, terrify me.

I love Terminator too much to want it to end, but for the love of God please make it a little more surprising. I read the original script and it was much better before they let Christian Bale tweak it so he can be John Connor. He ruined the film. Don't let actors push you around.


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