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McG says no to Charlie's Angels

CharliesAngels.jpgWhile McG was busy promoting Terminator Salvation he revealed that he's focussed on only moving forward with his career and not backwards, and that includes that there's not going to be any more Charlie's Angels films with him at the helm.

Personally I think this is a really sad admission, and while I would like to see McG continue to grow as a film-maker, I'd also like to see the team of ladies return for another Angels film, particularly as they want to themselves.

While Drew Barrymore has been up for another outing for the girls for some time, it's taken a while for Lucy Liu to get on board with the idea, but she did, and we're waiting official word on Cameron Diaz, but the girls have said she's keen.

So if they're all willing to come back for one more film, why not McG? Well let's hear from the man himself through Starpulse News:

"I'm trying to grow and work in genres that I'm most comfortable working in. I got started in Charlie's Angels, and I wish them every success with another sequel, but these are the films that I grew up feeling very passionate about. The Terminator. Blade Runner. The Kubrick pictures."

I can totally understand where he's coming from with that statement, and whatever you think of McG you have to appreciate that he might want to develop as a film-maker and that means moving on.

However the prospect of making one more fun film with that line-up of gorgeous and talented actresses just being over the top and silly would be too much for me to pass up on. Say what you want about the Charlie's Angels films but they are a lot of fun, they really are.

Even if McG was to turn out to be the biggest director we've ever seen, I'd still want to see one more of these films, after all I don't think we'll ever see the chance again from the three ladies, and they really do work well on screen together.



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