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Mentalist joins Killer Inside Me

TheKillerInsideMe.jpgSimon Baker of The Mentalist (“he's mental!” is what we say when that show comes on) is set to star in The Killer Inside Me, the adaptation of the Jim Thompson novel to be directed by Michael Winterbottom.

The film follows the well liked and totally unremarkable Sheriff of a small town hiding his true self from everyone. The fact is he's a killer, and a psychopathic one at that. However for years he's been hiding his impulses and desires behind the mask of the Sheriff, until it starts to slip.

The Killer Inside Me already stars Casey Affleck as the lead, Jessica Alba as a prostitute, and Kate Hudson as the girlfriend and school teacher of Affleck's character. According to the story Simon Baker will play the role of the attorney who is trying to track down the killer in the story.

The film also stars Bill Pullman, Elias Koteas and Ned Beatty.

What has me slightly disappointed is that the novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) has the character as a killer from the outset but that he's been hiding in plane sight of everyone as the well liked Sheriff of the town and has been managing to curb his impulses to kill again.

However the story says that the film is going to take a slightly more traditional route, and that we're going to see the lead character as a normal, boring man, and watch his plunge into becoming a psychopathic murderer.

Unless you read the novel you might think that it's not that much of a change, but to me it feels like quite a difference. I'm hoping that The Hollywood Reporter article has it slightly wrong and that the character is going to play out this way, because the way the novel delivered the character gave for a rather interesting and modern twist on a story seen before.

I actually read the book and was convinced that it was relatively new, I didn't realise that it was written in the fifties. One of the unique aspects of the book was that it was taken from the viewpoint of the main character, watching and reacting to events inside his own head.

The cast for this film is really strong, and Michael Winterbottom is directing, it's looking like the film translation may turn out to be a bit of a corker.



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