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Mona Lisa remake with Rourke

BobHoskins.jpgIt's getting sad the number of remakes, and is just showing how extensive a lack of creativity has actually reached in Hollywood, and yet every so often something shines through that you think might just actually work. Mona Lisa is one of them.

Mickey Rourke no less has been signed to take the Bob Hoskins role in the small British film which saw him play a chauffer and bodyguard for a high-class escort and slowly grow feelings for her.

It was a great film, a very small film, and went from seeing the violence of the lead character to how tender and caring he could be when alone with the woman.

Bob Hoskins played the lead role wonderfully, as a criminal out of a stint in prison, with a severely damaged criminal reputation, he can only find work as an escort's driver. At first he's very much distanced and judging of her, but slowly they grow connected and he begins to find real affection for her, and that's when she reveals that she has a plan and wants him to help her.

Neil Jordan directed the film from a script he co-wrote with David Leland. Cathy Tyson played the escort with Michael Caine and Robbie Coltrane starring alongside.

It was a great film and the idea of it being remade by Hollywood at first felt rather sad. However there's a lot of the original that is so British that I don't think it could really be touched by a Hollywood remake.

Then there's the thought of it being altered to an all-American story, and that has loads of attractions too, because if they can keep the same small, emotional feel to it then perhaps they could deliver something as good.

Mickey Rourke also seems a strong choice, the more I thought about him in that role the more I thought that it could work.

Now they need an escort, and I would suggest the gorgeous Robin Wright Penn, if she doesn't take offence to the way I've just written that! The two of them together would fit the story really well.

However as the high-class escort the Variety article states that Eva Green is already in talks to take the role, which I guess is an okay choice, but personally upfront I could see Wright Penn fit the part better.

Larry Clark, who wrote Kids, is writing and directing the remake, also called Mona Lisa for now. Now I don't really know his work well enough to make a judgement call, but in comparison to Neil Jordan, this is defintely not a similar choice and won't be a similar film.



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