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More Conan director rumours

NeilMarshall.jpgThere are more names being associated with the Conan film, and that's over and above Brett Ratner leaving and the rumour of James McTeigue taking up the lead.

It seems that while McTeigue is actually being considered by one of the companies involved, another of the companies is looking to one of three possible choices, and there are a couple of the choices that sound rather positive.

First up though you have to realise that association and rumour can be so far removed from actual fact, and that rumours can be started for many reasons. Sometimes they are started in order for the idea to be thought about by those in the know by the very people in the rumour, for example if X wants cast in Y but hasn't talked to anyone they can suggest that they are interested or even have been approached in some way, or even just drop the hint and let the media machine take over. Other times it's down to people wanting their choices to get through, and sometimes it's some internal marketing to manoeuvre people into roles.

Really, for the most part, we have no idea what's going on and you have to make judgement calls on how real the rumours are.

Considering how close we are to a Conan film I think these rumours could be pretty close to the bone, although we'll never really know how true they are except for the one who is finally chosen.

CHUD through /Film are saying that although Nu-Image/Millenium want James McTeigue for the directorial job, Lionsgate are keen on three choices, Neil Marshall, Christophe Gans or Marcus Nispel.

Straight away I would be dismissing Nispel, although he's good at making the visceral scarey moments, I'm not sure he could carry off the rest of the film, we've had no real sign of that as yet considering he's directed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Friday the 13th remakes.

Personally I would like Marshall and Gans for the role, and while Gans delivered the strong Brotherhood of the Wolf and Silent Hill, I lean towards Marshall.

He produced excellent films with Dog Soldiers, The Descent (Filmstalker review), and then there was Doomsday (Filmstalker review) which wasn't as strong. However looking at what we've seen of Centurian, thinking of the style of Doomsday, and the horror aspect of the previous films, I'm liking him for directing a visceral and realistic Conan.



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