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Dr. Who the film announced...again!

DoctorWho.jpgIt was back in 2006 (yes, that's three yeasr ago) that we heard of a Dr. Who film being put into production by the BBC, and that it would possibly star Billie Piper who was already being touted as signed up for the film.

However time has passed and there's been no word, until now, and not surprisingly it's from the BBC, perhaps trying to keep interest going in the idea, but they do reveal that a production is a long way off.

When we first heard about a Dr. Who story almost three years ago, and now the story has resurfaced.

Back then we had no idea what the film was going to feature and what Doctor was going to star, now a spokesperson for the BBC is telling us that it's going to be a long way away and that there are no guarantees that the film will be made, even with a script in development.

Of course one thing that we'll be sure of is that David Tennant won't be playing the Doctor, by that time we'll be seeing the new Doctor, or even the one after him, or perhaps it'll never happen at all.



Is there a single human being on Earth who cares about Dr. Who? I mean, seriously, I've never met a person who has ever seen a single episode of this show. Does anyone else find the CAPTCHA used on this site really, really annoying??? It usually takes me like 3 attempts to get it to work because the letters are so difficult to read.

I'm not a fan of Dr Who these days, but back in the day it was regular viewing and was a huge staple of British television.

As for the Captcha I'm afraid it's just necessary to keep hosting costs down, otherwise spammers are hitting the comments multiple times a second from all over the world and increasing server load and administration work. This saves a lot of time and cost.

You do know that you can refresh it if you can't read it, there's a little refresh button next to the Captcha logo as well as the option of an audio one too.

I have to say I've only ever had to hit the refresh about two times, and being "Filmstalker" that means I've posted a hell of a lot of comments!

the reason you haven't met a dr. who fan is you're probably not from the right country. it's required viewing in the great isle and most of the commonwealth. and it has a huge following in the u.s. as well. most people just don't talk about it because it's hard to relate it's awesomeness, since it's production values are a bit under par and the writing can literally be pulled out of a hat.

give the new show a try. it's a guilty pleasure if there ever was one. And the new series always has a really well done hook at the end of each season, tying all the episodes together.

the captcha is hard. it weeds out idiots.

They need to FORCE tennant to be the dr. forever. forget his human rights. i want him as the doctor. forge a lifetime contract and point a gun on him. i don't care about the geneva convention.

sigh. there hasn't been a dr. as good as him since maybe Tom Baker, seriously.

i'd like to see the movie with Paul McGann and Chris Ecclestein and tell the untold story of the time war. But that'll never happen.

Tom Baker was an excellent Doctor, although I do remember seeing some Pertwee with great memories.

Personally I think the new choice isn't a good one, I think they've said "Oh look, Hollywood is remaking everything for a young audience, why don't we?"

My sentiments exactly mogulus!

I also discovered Doctor Who quite late, this was in 2007 after seeing the Xmas special 'Voyage of the Damned'. I enjoyed it so much that I devoured EVERY Doctor Who episode I can manage, I finished watching a Season 2 within a week via YouTube! Now I am a proud owner of 3 boxsets and have seen quite a few Tom Baker episodes.

I would also welcome a Who film it it happens (please, please bring Tennant back to do it!) but I am already very excited about Tennant's guesting in The Sarah Jane Adventures! WOOHOO!!!



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