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Update: New 9 trailer online in HD

9.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Shane Acker's 9, the animated tale that looks so unique and features nine rag doll creatures brought to life after the end of humanity. This trailer elevates the film from looking great and feeling like it might be a grittier version of the opening of Wall-E, into something miles more thrilling and dramatic, as well as darker.

I don't think that I'm overplaying it by saying that this is a superb trailer, the best we've seen for the film, and hugely alters our understanding of what 9 is all about. Honestly this is a fantastic trailer.

9 is the story of another reality where Earth is about to see an apocalyptic event that will mean the end to human life, and it's in these closing moments of humanity that a scientist gives life to the nine rag dolls that he has created.

The group of nine dolls comprise of 1, a war veteran voiced by Christopher Plummer, 2, an old inventor played by Martin Landau, 5, a mechanic played by John C. Reilly, 6, an artist and visionary played by Crispin Glover, and 7, a warrior played by Jennifer Connelly. 9 is played by Elijah Wood.

As they group together and discover each other, finally reuniting with the final one of their group, nine, so arrive some strange creatures intent on destroying them.

9 comes from the writer/director Shane Acker and the new trailer comes from G4TV through Quiet Earth. Have a look at it below to see what you think, I think it's wonderful.

Update: Now it's on Apple Trailers [QT:480p:720p:1080p] in Quicktime and in high definition.

You can also see the previous trailer online here and an extended clip too. Looks quite a bit different now.



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