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New Blood: The Last Vampire trailer online

BloodTheLastVampire.jpgThere's another new trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire online, and this one is in English so that all those who hate subtitles can concentrate on the action. I am looking forward to this as I like the idea of the story, but I am worrying about one thing.

Has the wire work gone too far for western audiences?

Blood: The Last Vampire tells the story of a girl who has been turned into a vampire and has joined sides with humanity to destroy vampires everywhere and avenge the death of her family, and herself. She's inserted into an American military school by the Government Agency that operates her, in order to find the vampires hidden there. During the mission she discovers the trail of the Queen of the vampires.

The new trailer for the film is right here:

It comes from ShockTillYouDrop through SciFi Wire.

What do you think? I feel it's a lot better than the rest and it is delivering bags of promise, but the wire work looks to be huge. Look at the mammoth leaps, the character piling into a building and it exploding in a whole heap of flames.

I'm really not sure if western audiences will buy that so easily. Would you? It's way more than we've seen in wire work western Asian films that have been successful to date.



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