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New Blood: The Last Vampire trailer online

BloodTheLastVampire.jpgThis promises to be the last Blood: The Last Vampire trailer, but with the two or three we've seen so far I'm sure there's going to be more.

This version includes appearances from the people behind the scenes and a lot more explanation over footage we've more or less already seen, but it's the most cohesive.

Here's the official blurb for the trailer which I found in my email this morning.

“Blood: The Last Vampire brings to life an English language live-action feature movie of the original Japanese anime feature film from a producer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. Gianna (My Sassy Girl, Daisy) stars in the film as Saya, a 400-year-old demon-hunting vampire slayer working undercover in Japan for a secret organization, on a mission in the Vietnam War era. The cast also includes Koyuki (The Last Samurai, Always: Sunset on Third Street), Michael Byrne (Beyond the Sea, Gangs of New York), Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, Punisher: War Zone, Clubbed), and Allison Miller (“Kings”). The film features stunt choreographed by Cory Yuen (Transporter 3, Red Cliff), is produced by Bill Kong and Abel Nahmias, with screenplay by Chris Chow.”

There's a lot of good talent in there and the original animé that I watched some time ago I remember as being good, just way too short. This film will remedy that I hope.

Here's the latest trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire:



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