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Opening five minutes and clips from Blood: The Last Vampire

BloodTheLastVampire.jpgThe opening five minutes for Blood: The Last Vampire has appeared online as well as a number of new clips from the film, and while some of the clips don't give us much insight, there's a couple of fight scenes that look strong and stylish, and the opening sequence looks pretty good.

Blood: The Last Vampire is the adaptation of the Japanese animé into a live action film from director Chris Nahon with a screenplay from Chris Chow. It tells of a young girl who is a half vampire, working with humans to hunt down demons and destroy her arch enemy and the leader of the demons.

I've seen the animé and it was really good, I just wished there had been more, but never did I think that it would be adapted to live action, looking at the introduction and clips for Blood: The Last Vampire I'm wondering if Chris Nahon has actually managed to succeed, and succeed well.

Something that actually surprised me when I looked through the cast list was that both Colin Salmon and Liam Cunningham star in the film, and you can see Cunningham in the opening section which Twitch are hosting.

Opening five minutes

Then there are the multiple clips from the film, some of which are really showing off the fighting style throughout.

Clip 1: Sawa fights two vampire girls

Clip 2: Sawa fights a horde of vampires

Clip 3: Sawa reveals her true identity to Alice

Clip 4: Sawa versus Onigen

What do you think after seeing those? I'm definitely more interested than I was, and I think the style of the film looks good from the clips.



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