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Outrage trailer online

Outrage.jpgA trailer has arrived for Kirby Dick's new documentary film Outrage, a film that is going to be showing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 and with Kirby Dick behind it, it marks it as a complete must see without a doubt.

The idea behind his new film is just as strong as the rest, he's investigating U.S. politicians who keep their sexuality in secret while in public lobby for the ongoing anti-gay legislation.

So far Kirby Dick has delivered some stunning documentaries, This Film Is Not Yet Rated (Filmstalker review) and Twist of Faith (Filmstalker review) have both been outstanding, and I have nothing but hope for his next film Outrage.

Here's the trailer so you can get an idea of what it's set to offer. I'd say if you're going to head to the EIFF this year, make sure you see this film, if not, see it anyway.



Ahh, I watched this trailer the other day and it looks very interesting. Glad you're going to see it Richard?

Yeah, I really have enjoyed Kirby Dick's last two documentaries and Twist of Faith was excellent and very moving so I'm pretty excited about it to be honest.


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