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Poll: Awards season, are you interested?

Oscar.jpgAround the time of the Oscars I asked you all what you thought of the awards ceremonies and which one really drew your attention, the responses were quite high, something I was quite surprised about, and for the most part the responses didn't surprise me too much.

However the second most popular answer did surprise me, no it wasn't to bring back the Filmstalker Readers Awards (although there were a number of readers who selected that option), no the surprise for me was that the second most popular answer was that you weren't interested at all.

I wonder if this has changed over time? However at the time of the Oscars it was clear that the majority of readers loved the Oscars over anything else, yet the option that you were interested in none of them was the second most popular and was biting at the heels of the Oscars.

Still the BAFTA's were second and just beat the Golden Globes, something that did surprise me. I am glad however since I do think that the BAFTA's tend to be a little more for the films and the artists rather than the populist vote.

The Critics didn't fair so well though, but I was glad to see a good number of you vote for the Filmstalker Readers Awards to make a return, perhaps next year!

The Razzies faired none too well, perhaps because I had forgotten to include them as a voting option, but only a few of you included them in the other voting section.

30% - Yes, Oscars
20% - Not at all
14% - Yes Baftas
13% - Yes, Golden Globes
9% - Yes, Actors, Directors and Producers
6% - Yes, Critics
4% - Other answer...
- slacker award
- razzies
- yes empire awards
- razzies
- sundance film festival
3% - Yes, bring back Filmstalker Readers Awards



missed the poll but, ...



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