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Poll: How Ghostbusters III should be written

Ghostbusters.jpgI realised just before my weekend away that I haven't been keeping up to date with the polls, so here you go with a good few. First up, and rather relevant just now, is just what you want from Ghostbusters III, could it be the direction that it seems to be going? A new, young team, backed up by the old team to hand over the mantle and bring some form of credibility to a new film and perhaps even sequels?

Well let's see, because I asked you all "Ghostbusters, traditional sequel or modern reboot?", and you responded with some interesting results:

43% - Sequel with the same cast and some updates
25% - Sequel with the same cast handing over to a new team
16% - Sequel with the same cast
16% - Complete modern reboot, starting again

I'm surprised that there wasn't a host of "other" comments, particularly none that said just don't bother restarting the franchise at all. However it seems that the majority want the old cast back, but not just to hand over to a new crew, although out of the 59% of you who wanted them back some 43% wanted updates, the rest were happy with the original crew and nothing else.

I'm also surprised that there were so many people who would be happy with a complete update, 16% of you in fact, and that means a total cast change without any of the original members.

It seems that the 25% who want a sequel with the old cast handing over to a new team are the ones who are going to get their wishes though, the rest of us can only wish that we were in charge of Ghostbusters III.



Norm MacDonnel. Dave Chapelle. Steve Carrell. Kevin McDonald.

just my dream cast.

old characters. new cast.
Judd Apatowe directs. they all write their own lines.

i can dream, can't i?


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