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Poll: The Best Trilogy?

III.jpgThis is perhaps been the longest running poll on Filmstalker, what is the best trilogy? It's been a difficult one too since a trilogy consists of three films and a few of these have gone over three, especially over time. However we got there and had a mammoth amount of entries.

Honestly this poll has generated multiple times more votes than previously, and the results have been up and down like a yo-yo with the final results (I just removed the poll from the site today) surprising.

Do note though that I keep all the polls open indefinitely, and you can see them online and continue to vote and participate with any of them.

What's interesting is that I took a cut of the answers back at the end of March, and here they are:

41% - Lord of the Rings
15% - Star Wars
13% - Back to the Future
6% - Godfather
6% - Bourne
6% - The Matrix
5% - Other answer...
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Police Story
- Terminator
- Spartak
- green street
- underworld
2% X-Men
1% - Spider-Man
1% - Die Hard
1% - Exorcist
1% - Jurassic Park
1% - Blade
1% - Indiana Jones
0% - Mission Impossible

Now, compare that with the results I just took today, nearing the end of May.

9% - Batman
8% - X-Men
6% - Spider-Man
6% - Fast and Furious
6% - James Bond
6% - Terminator
5% - Star Wars
5% - Pirates of the Caribbean
5% - Bourne
4% - Star Trek
4% - The Matrix
4% - Chronicles of Riddick
4% - Back to the Future
4% - Indiana Jones
4% - Lord of the Rings
4% - Jurassic Park
3% - Die Hard
3% - Underworld
3% - Mission: Impossible
3% - Blade
2% - Other answer...
1% - Godfather
0% - Police Story
0% - Exorcist

That's a huge difference don't you think? With the previous leader of Lord of the Rings falling way down the list and Batman taking a clear lead with X-Men holding second place and joint third between Spider-Man, Fast and Furious, James Bond and Terminator. I think that list is rather surprising.

Is it really surprising that Batman is number one though? I don't think so, I am surprised that it doesn't have a clearer lead though and that X-Men is second, I thought that might go to Terminator, Star Wars, or Die Hard, but no.

I am amazed at the other end of the list though and that Godfather, Police Story and Exorcist fared so poorly. Godfather and Exorcist? These are classics.

Just before I leave you to think over that list and comment, let me show you the list of other entries you made, and there are quite a lot:

Pirates of the Caribbean, Police Story, Terminator, Spartak, green street, underworld, the exorist, superman, nightmare on elm street, macgyver, ALIEN, Conan, Wild Wild West Highlander, porno, Alien but with Sigourney!, X-Files, alien, Halloween, night of the living dead, harry potter, Magnificent Seven, rambo, halloween, MONSTROS VS ALIENIGINAS, the beyond, Superman, Weekend at Bernies, harry potter 6, evil dead, Transporter, Crank, Iron man, rambo, hostel, fast and the furious 4, fast and the furious 4, tron, superman, Harry Potter, Superman, Fast and Furious, Godzilla, hanneh montaner, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, the grudge, Rocky, shaft, slumdog millonare

Just think what some of these answers could have achieved if the respondees had either read the question properly, read the answers, and in some cases hit the right answer?!

Other than that there's quite an even spread and not that great a leap. What do you think of that list? Agree? Disagree? Wondering why such great films are low down the list?



Interesting results Richard. Trilogy's are probably one of the hardest 'best' polls to pick. I mean...

Do all three films have to be great, or does one great and two good count?
Can it still be a best trilogy if one film is an absolute stinker?
What happens when a great trilogy becomes a smelly 'sixology'?
Can three films count as a trilogy if they're based on a theme? Park Chan-wook's Vengeance trilogy or John Ford's cavalry Trilogy are good examples.

and finally...

Slumdog Millionaire? Perhaps an aptitude test before you let folk loose with a survey ;-)

hanneh montaner?

i slap myself hard.

i love a good trillogy but for all i can muster, i cannot think of a more effective, better accomplished or just plain more entertaining one than LOTR, and i'm saying that through a megaphone.

in some ways, you can't even count most of the entries as "trillogies" but merely "franchises". Die Hard, Batman, even X men aren't trillogies.

There is one other trillogy that was well done enough to qualify and that's Back To the Future. It had one heck of a story arc and is brought to it's ultimate conclusion with all storylines closed within the 3 movie timeframe. You can't even count Star Wars as a trillogy by that right anymore.

no. for my money, it's LOTR and BTTF and that's it.

i'm looking into some of the entries i know nothing about. Police Story for instance. I've gotta know what some of these people were going on about. :)


hanneh montaner.


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