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Poll: What do you want next for Bond?

JamesBond.jpgThat was the question I asked you all when we were hearing the rumours begin about what would happen after Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review), would we see the story continue with our current Bond hunting down the financial organisation or would we start seeing a return to the Bond of old? Dark or light?

So rather than ask the big burning question there, I thought we would just see what you wanted in the next bond film, from plot down to a nice little appearance from some friendly faces, here's what you came back with.

The results are rather interesting with the top one being an entirely new story, leaving behind the whole Quantum organisation and delving into something new for Bond.

Still, a few percent less were interested in seeing the trilogy through to the end, and I'm quite keen on that option myself, just to see where it goes and tie things up nicely so that the story can progress.

However the top answer of an entirely new story comes very close to the idea of just bringing back the gadgets, and this idea even beats the third in the trilogy. Can bringing back the gadgets alone really make for a more exciting Bond?

I think most surprising is that coming in with less than half the result for the top answer is the option of going back to the old Bond, something I've heard from a lot of the people who don't like this new style Bond. Are audiences perhaps getting more and more used to this style Bond? With a small percentage wanting a new actor I think perhaps they are, and that most people think that the failures are with the story over the actor.

The other answers are perhaps the most fun though, and contain an answer I thought would be higher up, the question of Q. I'm all for him coming back in some form, however I don't want to see the end of the franchise, the end of Bond, or Michael Bay taking over! Oh and please don't give us a young Bond!

I applaud the person who seemed to write exactly what I think with "A decent villain, and less than three cuts per second". Did I write that?!

23% - An entirely new story?
22% - The gadgets back?
19% - The third in the trilogy?
11% - The old Bond back?
10% - A new director?
8% - A new Bond actor?
5% - Other answer...
- i want Q back
- michael bay
- No more Bond
- The end of this sorry franchise
- Some lovin
- I don't want anything about that stupid movie
- A decent villain, and less than three cuts per second
- Moneypenny
- A younger, more fresh bond to pass the torch to.
- Sex

What do you think? Do you agree? Have your thoughts changed since?



i want him to smoke, i want him to drink Martini and i want him to nail every b*tch that happens to walk by ... if not, then it is not James Bond, but an impostore :p


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