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Predators screenwriter found

Predator.jpgRobert Rodriguez's Predators has gained a writer, and while it isn't earth shattering news, it's slightly interesting stuff to show that the plan is still progressing to develop a new sequel to the superb Predator.

What's strange is that the writer is a relative unknown without any proven ground before him apart from a script that hasn't yet made it into development. Is this looking more and more like a risk/poor sequel?

Alex Litvak is the name, he wrote the in-development Medieval and co-produced The Hunting Party, but other than that there's little word about his capabilities as a writer. It seems a strange choice to me, and I thought that they might have gone with a more recognisable talent, someone with some similar projects already under his belt.

The story comes from Bloody Disgusting through /Film, unfortunately I can't talk about the original article as my work have banned the site under the heading "violence", however the profile fir Litvak is light and the original concept for the sequel already has my stomach churning.

It's the usual Hollywood formula of more is better. Get the original story, slap in a multiplier, and there you go. Well that's not strictly true, the idea could be taking people to the home planet of the Predators, in a mirror of Aliens to Alien. Perhaps that offers something more?



I have to side with you on this one Richard,doesn't look good for another cherished franchise...I have never been a fan of Rodriquez, and now we're going to most likely see another souless green screen abomination of a old timey favorite...My only hope is that they put the franchise ruiner himself (Transformers, Indiana Jones etc..), Shia Labouf in this one so we can see him get decapitated by a Predator.That I would pay for.

Another slice of bad from Hollywood.


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