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Quarantine 2 has begun

Quarantine.jpgApparently development on Quarantine 2 has begun, now don't get confused here, this is the Hollywood sequel to the Hollywood remake of [Rec], with [Rec] 2 being made as a sequel to [Rec] with the original Spanish film-makers. Could I have confused us anymore?

I'm sure you're with me now, the news is still the same though, Hollywood is making a sequel to their shot by shot remake of [Rec].

So this is where both sequels will, hopefully, diverge. While [Rec] 2 will see another team go into the building from the first film to try and discover what has happened a short time after the end of the original, it's not yet clear what will happen with Quarantine 2.

In fact the story from Bloody Disgusting, who discovered the news this weekend, tells us that we're even expecting to see a totally original pitch for Quarantine 2. What does that mean?

Totally original pitch? Does that mean they aren't even going to be looking at the same building complex? Is that over and the new story is going to be taking place elsewhere?

I'm not sure, and it's such early stages in the development no one really is probably. All we know is that Screen Gems is looking for that original story from a writer they don't yet have, so that really is early days.

At least the good news is that it's not going to be a shot for shot remake of [Rec] 2, although you can bet your boots if that film turns out to be good then they'll leap on that remake too.



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