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Red Riding: Yorkshire Ripper trilogy

YorkshireRipper.jpgIt was back in July of last year that I wrote about the Red Riding trilogy, three British films that are inspired by the serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper, each by a different director, and including a powerful cast.

The great news is that the trilogy has been picked up to be relesed both theatrically and on video on demand, I hope that the theatrical run is a decent one.

The three films are Julian Jarrold's Red Riding: 1974 James Marsh's Red Riding: 1980 and Anand Tucker's Red Riding: 1983, but they share the same screenwriter, Tony Grisoni, and the cast includes Sean Bean, Paddy Considine, Mark Addy, Andrew Garfield, Rebecca Hall.

The films are adapted from the novels by David Pearce (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which actually are a quartet rather than a trilogy, and connects characters and stories together across the backdrop of the murders of the Yorkshire Ripper and the investigation and eventual capture.

Already seen on British television as a mini-series, it has proven very successful and rather dark, and now we're set to see them all theatrically released. according to Variety.

Although these films are looking very powerful I'm not sure how they'll do in mainstream cinema, I can see them hitting the arthouses, but the video on demand and the already released DVD trilogy are sure to target the right audience.

If you can get your hands on the trilogy I'd heartily recommend it.



Made up this is getting a theatrical release as it was a cracking set of films , but like you I'm not sure how succesful it will be on the big screen.

Some great actors though.

[Double advert removed, I posted the article about Tony Grisoni Don Quixote the other day - Richard]


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