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Roth reveals his science fiction film

EliRoth.jpgEli Roth has been talking about his upcoming projects and revealed that he has a very interesting film in the works, and it's not a straight up horror, it's science fiction.

Although he's not revealing too much about it, and from the sounds of it he might not have too much to reveal himself, he does give us the title and a little about what he wants to achieve with the film, some big bangs.

Before he talked about his science fiction film he mentioned a couple of others, and he revealed what he has in store for Thanksgiving. He wants to try and film it in eighteen days. Well the article in Empire through Bloody Disgusting talks about eighteen days, but I'm sure that number is still a reflection on the number of days it took him to shoot Nation's Pride, the Nazi propaganda film he made for within Inglourious Basterds.

However he reveals that he wants to make Thanksgiving with the same crazy sort of keep going attitude that he did for that short.

“I just want to go, go, go. Get as much footage, and as many kills as possible, and not be self-conscious. Because when you're moving at that speed, you're not thinking, you're just feeling and you're going on instinct. And that's where the best stuff comes from. There's an energy to that Grindhouse trailer for Thanksgiving that, for me caught the spirit of the movie. And I was like, 'What if I did this for three weeks?' No pretensions. Just, '[Expletive removed - Richard] it. Let's make a fifth movie, do it fast, bang it out and make it great.' I mean, still take it seriously, as a real movie, but just do it in 18 says and see what the hell happens when I really push myself.”

That's all well and good, but what about the science fiction film, for that really is the most interesting part of it all.

He revealed that the film will be called Endangered Species, and that's all I thought that we were going to get from the man, and then he gave us a little more:

“I want to do a sci-fi movie, like, a $60m movie – something in that budget range – where I can really do lots of mass destruction and really destroy lots of [expletive removed – Richard]!”

Well that's encouraging news, but just blowing things up isn't everything to a science fiction film, well not a great one anyway. Of course there's a long way to go of course, and we're only hearing what he'd like to do in a science fiction film, not what he's planning to do here.

What do you think? Can Eli Roth carry off a big science fiction film? I wonder if Cell will help him on his way?



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