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Scorsese directing Sinatra biographical film

FrankSinatra.jpgMartin Scorsese has saved the Frank Sinatra biographical film but shelved the Dean Martin film he was working on.

We actually had the news that he was considering the film back in May of last year (yes, last year!), now it seems confirmed that Martin Scorsese is going to direct what is being referred to as an unconventional biographical film of the man.

However with Sammy Davis Jr. films aplenty in development, it seems that Dean Martin may be the one missing out here from the leading members of the Rat Pack.

Personally, for me, that's upsetting news as I am a much bigger Martin fan than Sinatra, we actually had a Dean Martin tribute singer at our wedding, however it's great news for fans of Sinatra who's only choice of the man's life was a dramatic film by Brett Ratner and starring Chris Tucker as his valet who tells the story of Sinatra.

That project still seems to be in development, but if Martin Scorsese is bringing out a true biographical film of his life then you can imagine fans are going to be much happier that whatever Ratner's film does, Scorsese's will be more indepth and perhaps more flattering.

Then again, perhaps not.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Martin Scorsese has spent a good portion of the last ten years working on a Dean Martin film, and the writer of the Frank Sinatra film has amassed some thirty thousand pages of research. Now that's a lot information and knowledge on the man and one of his closest friends on stage and off, a man who was reportedly one of the few who could actually say no to Sinatra and get away with it.

You have to think what material they have on the man, and realise that this isn't going to turn out to be a glossy tale of his through the camera life, but this could be a hard hitting and tough expose of the real man.

That said though, it was Tina Sinatra herself that was negotiating with Scorsese for the film, so you would think that it would bring a lot of positives to the screen, however at the time both Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra Jr. were either working on other projects to protect his image or unaware of these negotiations.

The article does say that it was tough to bring together all the aspects of the deal, and that everyone who owned the rights had to agree to the project, however it's said that Scorsese's name made it all possible.

I can't see Scorsese pulling punches when he has so much material to hand, or rather I hope he doesn't, but then who knows what he had to agree to in order to get the film made.

It does mean though that he will get to make some portrayal of Dean Martin, and perhaps making this film will allow his Martin biographical film to continue on the road through development.

Cathy Schulman, a producer on the film, said that with all the material gathered it's not going to allow for a conventional film format:

"It'll be almost like a collage...In the way one of his records captures different rhythms and moods, this will have collective scenes and moments that form the overall story as opposed to a conventional timeline. It's about capturing moments as opposed to trying to tell the entire story in too little time."

Sounds interesting, and it finally marks a biographical film for the great Frank Sinatra. Now we need to see the Dean Martin one continue, for there are plenty for Sammy Davis Jr. in development. At the moment it's Rob Cohen, who was behind a television film of the Rat Pack some time in 1998 called The Rat Pack, who has rights to a story of Dean Martin from his daughter's biography of the man.



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