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Scorsese talks film restoration

MartinScorsese.jpgMartin Scorsese has been talking at Cannes about something very important, and it's not his own film, it's the saving of older cinema around the world, the films that don't normally get the chance to be saved through restoration because they don't have huge global impact or aren't the big blockbusters.

Talking at Cannes he talked about the superb work the World Cinema Foundation is doing to restore and save films that are rapidly being lost, something the short attention blockbuster mass audience can often forget.

It's his quote that caught my eye in the story and thought it might make a little discussion point for you, or at least something to think about.

Speaking about the work they've been doing and promoting four of the films showing at the Cannes Film Festival this year that they've restored, Martin Scorsese said through Associated Press and Yahoo News:

“We can make a difference...If we make these films available, there's going to be someone out there who's going to be affected by them. If we hit one out of a hundred or one out of a thousand, we've done something, and maybe there aren't that many Terminators afterward.”

The films that he's promoting are far from Terminator, but then that's the point, amongst the restored films showing that the foundation have saved are the 1969 film The Night of Counting the Years from Egypt and the 1936 The Wave from Mexico.

However world means world, and they also have a restored version of the classic 1948 film The Red Shoes showing at the festival.

The work that the foundation are doing is superb and could be responsible for saving films for future generations that aren't reliant on box office takings.

Other good news is that plans are afoot to make these films viewable online through various sources and also onto Criterion Collection DVD releases. Well done Scorsese, and his World Cinema Foundation, saving cinema one film at a time.



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