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Sherlock Holmes trailer online

SherlockHolmes.jpgWhile his home country was asleep Guy Ritchie delivered something of a surprise to the world, the trailer for Sherlock Holmes, and what he delivered has three big surprises.

First of all it's fun, secondly it's very light on what you would call the Ritchie trademarks, and lastly it looks really good. As they said with Star Trek (Filmstalker review), this isn't your Father's Sherlock Holmes.

This time, I think they might be right for all the right reasons.

Sherlock Holmes sees Robert Downey Jr. playing the eminent detective with Jude Law his famous counterpart, Dr. Watson. Add to the mix Mark Strong playing the fiendish character of Lord Blackwood and co-starring Rachel McAdams, Kelly Reilly and Eddie Marsan.

This Sherlock Holmes is taken from the original source material though, he's not the quiet thoughtful detective we see used in most detective stories on film and television, this one is hands on, he's a master at various things including some hand to hand combat, and yes, he does play the violin, and Watson is no slouch either.

There's more action in these characters and story, and if the trailer is anything to go by, that's something that's going to make the film damn good.

I love the element of humour in there too, there's a dry sarcasm which is so true of us British, and everybody loves Downey Jr. so how can we not enjoy that performance? It could also mark a strong resurgence for Law too.

Oh, and of course the effect this could have on Guy Ritchie, proving that he's not all about the London gangster film, although this is still very close to his core, and hopefully paving the way for some other not so comfort zone films such as The Gamekeeper.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] or watch it below.



As a long time Sherlock Holmes fan, I'm really going to have a problem with this one. Much as I had a problem with Young Sherlock, which I don't much care for either.

I can't remember Holmes being scruffy, or stealing Watson's clothes? What the hell? And I bet there is more daftness to come. Poor Sherlock has been dreadfully mistreated of late. The two recent BBC versions were pretty dire. The second one being so unlike Sherlock Holmes that they might have been wiser just calling it something else. I get the same feeling here.

Mark, are you familiar with the original character from Doyle's writing? If so are we looking at the closest adaptation of him to date with Ritchie's effort, or is it just another different take?

I'm gonna have to agree with the other comment here. This looks every other pastiche film of the last 25 years. Every picture or trailer that comes out makes me ever the more wary. Better than that awful Young Sherlock Holmes thing that came out in the 80s, but that isn't saying much. Might be entertaining, but... Holmes was not completely unhygenic and his vices were more or less limited to drug use, not so much clothing stealing or womanizing. The fair sex was Watson's department. If memory serves me right, Irene is not Norton, but still Adler (looks to take place before her marriage to her lawyer), so I am not sure how Ritchie will manage the timeline. Looks like a fun night out, but as far as quality goes...


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