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Sin City 2 starting? Again?

SinCity-Marv.jpgIt's almost painful to hear it, like the promise of something that never comes, and maybe never will, but there's talk once more of Sin City 2 starting up, and it's from Robert Rodriguez himself.

Now to be fair both he and Frank Miller have talked about this time and time again, and Rodriguez hasn't had a run of projects being made or being delayed – Barbarella, Red Sonja – it seems that everything is in development, or just plain scrapped. Could Sin City 2 go the same way?

Well probably not if he has anything to do with it. The recent rumours of the project being sold off at the Weinstein Company seem to have left us with a lot of doubt as to what is happening with it, but the Weinstein's are positive they have the rights, and now we're waiting to see when they will finally will go ahead with it. Robert Rodriguez thinks they are.

“People have been talking about Sin City 2 since the first one came out...Whenever I'm out and about, people say, 'When's Sin City 2 coming? When's Sin City 2 coming?' They've been asking that for years. So this probably will add to that, certainly.”

Yeah now don't try and land that one with the Internet or anyone else you'd like to fob it off on, that's been you and Mr Miller who have been talking about it. Okay we've all been asking, but it's the creators who have been fuelling the fire.

Rodriguez told IGN through Latino Review that he had been due to have a call with some of the

“I actually had a phone call with some of the players in it today, but I was on a plane so I missed it...So next week we're going to talk about it some more and get a timing on when we'd be doing it. But there's a lot of people who are interested in it. ... We are definitely going to do that one”

So there's a call, and he says that the film is moving into talks with the production team and that after a few other commitments are completed this is the project they are going to start.

Confirming earlier talk we hear that this will be based on the A Dame to Kill For, as well as new material that both he and Frank Miller have written specially. We'll probably see another two or three stories in there to be honest, some new, some adapted from Miller's comics.

Yet that is a big if. That is if we ever see Sin City 2 being made. Are you hopeful, because so far all I've heard is a project that isn't certain and the two people behind it trying to talk the studio into green-lighting it through the press.



I hope it does get made. I loved the first.


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