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Spacey or Firth as Orwell?

ColinFirth.jpgGeorge Orwell's book Homage to Catalonia (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is to be made into a feature film directed by Hugh Hudson from a script by Bob Ellis, and the question is who will play George Orwell, Colin Firth or Kevin Spacey?

The story follows the real life George Orwell and his wife as they headed to Spain to fight in the Spanish Civil war, fighting against Stalinism. Orwell joined the Anarchist brigade and while fighting formed a friendship with Georges Kopp, the commander of the brigade.

I would love Colin Firth to play Orwell, and considering the other lead mentioned in the story I'm inclined to believe that Firth would take that role while Kevin Spacey takes the role of Kopp.

I'm quite a fan of Firth, but the problem is he always takes such terrible typecast roles, and the only real moment I saw him shine as a character well out of his comfort zone was the excellent Trauma from the superb writer Richard Smith.

Of course there are some glimmers of hope on the horizon other than this project, there's The Meat Trade and Dorian Gray, and perhaps there he can get away from the romantic and britch tightening films that clutter his career.

Definitely, playing George Orwell in a true life story of his involvement and view of the Spanish Civil War would be one such role.



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