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Stalked: Apparition, Disconnect, Mother's Day, Mandy Lane, Interpretation of Murder, Billy Smoke, The Beaver

Todd Lincoln looks set to direct the ghost story The Apparition...

Marc Forster is to direct Andrew Stern's technology film Disconnect...

Darren Lynn Bousman is to direct the remake of Mother's Day...

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane has been delayed from release again...

Alex Holmes is writing the adaptation of The Interpretation of Murder...

Jeffrey Nachmanoff is to direct Matthew Fox in the comic book adaptation Billy Smoke...

Jodie Foster could be directing Jim Carrey in The Beaver...

Todd Lincoln is writing and directing a haunted house tale called The Apparition for Dark Castle. As usual for a ghost story it is allegedly based on true events, however there's no other word on the story from the Variety article.

Marc Forster is set to direct Disconnect, a script from Andrew Stern which, according to Variety, tells the story of how technology is forcing people apart rather than bringing them together in today's world. Something I disagree with as I've made more friends online and even met them too, and come closer to my existing friends. Let's he does better than Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review).

Darren Lynn Bousman is to direct the remake of the horror film Mother's Day from a script by Scott Milam. The original film told the story of two brothers who would do anything to impress their very deranged mother, including terrorising people, raping, abusing and murdering them. Nice family. The remake will, according to the production company through The Hollywood Reporter, be updated for modern times and see the Mother lose her house through the current economic climate – wow, that update will have me hooked for sure – and the family returns to their house and terrorises the new occupants. Sounds all too familiar.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Filmstalker review) has been delayed from release once again according to BoxOfficeMojo through AITH. Luckily enough I've seen it, and it does deserve a release despite the issues with the film and story.

Alex Holmes is making his writing début on the adaptation of The Interpretation of Murder which tells the story of a Sigmund Freud protege who stumbles onto a group of sadistic murders. The novel is from Jed Rubenfeld. The story comes from Variety and points out that Holmes was a producer on The House of Saddam.

Jeffrey Nachmanoff, the writer and director of the thriller Traitor, has signed on to direct the adaptation of the comic book Billy Smoke. Matthew Fox is apparently set to play the lead role in a story about a top assassin who almost dies in a failed assassination attempt and has a moment of awakening. He realises that the only way to find his own redemption is to kill all the other assassins in the world, and so he sets out on his humble task. The interesting story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Jodie Foster could be about to direct Jim Carrey in the film The Beaver. According to The Hollywood Reporter through Starpulse (who don't link to the source story) she's in talks to direct the film which tells the odd story of a man who becomes obsessed with his hand puppet. Oh, and Steve Carrell was supposed to be playing the lead role but it looks like he's being replaced.



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