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Stalked: Big casting news, multiple films

A big Stalked article today with a bunch of casting news I'm just pulling together into one article. If you're interested in casting news then this is most definitely for you.

There's a bunch of big names in here, as well as some big films, including Penn, Sheen, Considine, Cotillard, Canet, Goodman, Swinton, Jovovich, Whitaker, Ferrara, Mencia, Wilkison, Belle, Riseborough, Winstone, Mays, Gately.

I just don't have the time nor inclination to write something for each of these little snippets.

Sean Penn is negotiating to star in This Must be the Place, a film that sees him playing a wealthy rock star who becomes bored in his retirement and decides to try and find his father's executioner, as you do, who is an ex-Nazi war criminal living in the U.S.

Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is making his English language début with the film which he co-wrote with Umberto Contarello according to Variety. Penn always delivers a superb performance, and this looks set to be another great story for his acting talents.

Michael Sheen and Paddy Considine have signed up to a comedy called Submarine. It follows the story of a fifteen year old boy who wants to lose his virginity before reaching sixteen. At the same time he's fighting to stop his parents from separating as his father is having an affair with his mother's dance teacher.

Richard Ayoade is directing, and as Variety tells us, he's responsible for performing in The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh. This marks his first directing job, and with those two in front of the camera it's a damn good one.

Marion Cotillard is set to lead Les Petits Mouchoirs, in what is described as Variety as a "tragicomedy", whatever the hell that is! The film is written and directed by Guillaume Canet who previously directed the excellent Tell No One which is about to received a Hollywood remake.

The lead of Tell No One is also to star, Francois Cluzet, along with Benoit Magimel, Anne Marivin, Gilles Lelouche and Jean Dujardin, and the film will tell the story of a group of friends travelling from Paris to the coast for a traditional summer holiday, but this year their secrets will out.

John Goodman is in negotiations to join Vincent Cassel, Orlando Bloom and Olga Kurylenko in the film The Cross from Andrew Niccol according to Variety. The film is science fiction and the plot is somewhat mysterious for now, but it tells the story of a man trying to cross a strange border that he has never come across before.

Tilda Swinton is set to lead the film We Need to Talk About Kevin, a film that tells the story of a woman who is raising a son she never wanted, and how the son proves to be extremely difficult to raise, causes the breakdown of her marriage and then the son heads on a killing spree through his school. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter and looks like it could be a difficult topic for a U.S. audience.

Milla Jovovich has joined Stone, the next film from John Curran, which sees a convicted arsonist playing a psychological game with his payrole officer. Robert De Niro plays the payrole office and Edward Norton plays the arsonist. Jovovich will be playing the wife of Norton's character according to Screen Daily through Empire. Sounds an interesting project, and definitely a good move for Jovovich's career, moving away from the horror.

Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera and Carlos Mencia have joined a film from writer and director Rick Famuyiwa. The film follows two overbearing fathers, played by Whitaker and Mencia, who have to put aside their differences to ensure the wedding of their son and daughter goes ahead as planned. Ferrara plays the daughter. The story comes from Variety and doesn't sound too far from other wedding stories we've heard before, although it might interesting considering the talent involved.

Tom Wilkinson and Camilla Belle have signed up for the English language remake of the Danish film After the Wedding from Susanna Bier. Michael Caton-Jones will be directing the film about an expatriate social worker who is running a Mumbai orphanage on a very tight budget and receives an unexpected donation in the realm of millions of dollars from a western businessman. The story comes from Variety.

Andrea Riseborough, Jaime Winstone and Daniel Mays have joined Sally Hawkins and Bob Hoskins in We Want Sex, the film that is based on the real life story of the Ford Dagenham factory where female workers went on strike in 1968 after being classified as unskilled workers in order to keep their wages below that of the men doing the same job. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter

Stephen Gately, yes he of Boyzone fame, has signed up for a British horror film called Credo. It's based around a group of students who break into an abandoned halls of residence in London and discover that they are far from alone. The Daily Mail has the story and some shots of Gately looking rather dead!



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