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Stalked: Frank Sinatra bio-pic, Ewen McGregor, Weapons, Jim Caviezel

Could Martin Scorsese have found his Frank Sinatra already?

Ewen McGregor is to have The Last Word.

Jean Claude Van Damme and Vinnie Jones are starring together.

And Jim Caviezel will play William Tell.

Just the other day we heard that Martin Scorsese is to direct a Frank Sinatra bio-pic. Now some casting news has appeared. And although Scorsese may want Leonardo diCaprio to play Sinatra, the studio has other ideas. Jo Blo say the studio may be interested in Johnny Depp for the role. We'll see who wins that mud fight.

Ewen McGregor is to work with David Mackenzie again. McGregor is to star in The Last Word, which will start filming in September. The Hollywood Reporter say the film is a romantic drama, set in a city where "where people are slowly losing their sensory perception."

Some strange (but in a good way) casting news next. Jean Claude Van Damme and Vinnie Jones are to star together in Weapons. They both play assassins who are made to work together, in order to take down a drug cartel. Jo Blo say Van Damme will be a knife expert, while Jones is all about the guns. This could be so bad that it's good.

Jim Caviezel will play William Tell in William Tell: The Legend. Til Schweiger will play Hermann Gessler in the film, who Tell will be going up against. And apparently we can expect a fact based retelling of the William Tell legend. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.



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