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Stalked: Hugh Jackman, Ben Stiller, Love Child, Tribes of October

Hugh Jackman will star in Ghostopolis.

Ben Stiller is directing Help Me Spread Goodness.

Donald and Rossif Sutherland are teaming up.

And Tribes of October has a pretty good cast.

Hugh Jackman is to follow Wolverine with Ghostopolis. He will star and also produce, the adaptation of the soon to be released graphic novel. He will play an employee of the Supernatural Immigration Task Force. A government group set up to make sure all ghosts who make it to our world, are sent back to Ghostopolis. A young boy is accidentally sent to Ghostopolis, and Jackman and a female ghost have to get him back. The news comes from Jo Blo.

Ben Stiller is to direct Help Me Spread Goodness. It's a comedy, with an apparently serious edge to it as well. It's all based around those Nigerian internet scams, with a Chicago banker falling for it. Variety say when Stiller takes the project on will depend on progress with The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Donald Sutherland and son are teaming up together, but it's not Kiefer this time. Donald and Rossif Sutherland are starring with Rebecca Romijn and Sarah Roemer in Love Child. The romantic comedy follows a criminal out on parole who is trying to go straight. His plans are made more difficult though, by a loan shark who wants a debt repaid. The news is fro Variety.

Post apocalyptic thriller Tribes of October has a cast. Ray Stevenson, Jaime King, Stephen Moyer, Robert Duvall and James Caan are all starring. Tribes of October sees New York as a very different place, surrounded by desert and with a decayed technology infrastructure. Against this backdrop a detective is trying to hunt down a Mafia Don, who is trying to bring down what's left of the NYPD. At the same time the detective is also trying to find the love of his life. All sounds like good stuff. The news comes from First Showing.net.



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