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Stalked: Return of Jerry Lewis, Hopkins' Lector and Lindsay Lohan

JerryLewis.jpgThere are a number of returns, or in some cases resurrections, to be seen today. The first, and most important, is that Jerry Lewis is returning to the leading man role, and this seems far from the comedic background roles he's been seen in since 1995's Funny Bones.

Also we're hearing that Hannibal Lector is to be resurrected and Anthony Hopkins is returning to the role once again for another horrific outing.

Finally Lindsay Lohan seems to have more lives than a cat and is getting another shot at a leading role.

I loved Jerry Lewis when I was younger, particularly in his roles with Dean Martin, he was such an oddball. Lately his roles have been more token than anything, but The Hollywood Reporter has news that he's set to appear in a film called Max Rose from the writer and director Daniel Noah which tells the story of a widower who is revisiting key moments in his life.

This sounds like it has great potential and could be a bit of a heart tugger as well as providing some humorous moments.

Anthony Hopkins is coming back to play Hannibal Lector, according to The New York Post through Digital Spy (who as always don't give a link through the the story source in very disrespectful style, I should stop linking to them). Now the story is hitting the usual thinly spread rumour sites so this could be a real no starter, and that's something reflected by the comment that they carry from “a spokesperson” for Universal.

“As far as we know, [this project] is alive...Anthony Hopkins and Ridley Scott are both very committed. We like what we've got, and the revised script is really, really good.”

So they open with the “as far as we know” comment, and then tell us that both the star and director are absolutely committed to the project. That seems a little contradictory doesn't it? That first statement seems completely vague, as though the project has had nothing happening on it for some time, and then goes on to say that they're absolutely committed. Sounds a bit odd.

However the story says that Ridley Scott and Anthony Hopkins are on board, while director Jonathan Demme and screenwriter Ted Tally from the first film have both passed on the option.

Last time the project was touted Jodie Foster was also passing and equally light rumour had Cate Blanchett starring, something I really don't believe.

Do you want to see the character back again, and can it survive with another new Clarice Starling?

Update: Well here's the problem of trying to scoop up all the rumours, they turn out to be false, as did this one, as I said I shouldn't have believed it. An old story thrown back up and doing the rounds of the Interflab. Panic over.

Finally, there's a big return for Lindsay Lohan as she joins the cast for The Other Side which includes Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Eddie IzzardDave Matthews and Alanis Morissette. However the director David Michaels sees her slightly differently than we do.

“Lindsay's very aware of people's perceptions of her...She's really committed to doing what she has to in order to change that.”

Well let's hope so, but then again if she messes up again so what? It seems that as long as you are grabbing the column inches you can do whatever you want and still get new jobs. Wish it were like that in the real world.

According to Variety the film follows a student who spends the summer working at a science institute on a remote island where she discovers a community of people who are hiding a secret about a tregedy from years ago.



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