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Stalked: Spacey as Abramoff, Pacino in Blink, Kidman off Allen, Weisz is Lamarr, Walker might get Taken

Kevin Spacey is to play the character of Jack Abramoff, the Washington lobbyist who ended up in jail for bribery and fraud...

Al Pacino is in talks to lead Blink...

Nicole Kidman has left Woody Allen's latest film...

Paul Walker is in talks for Protection, a Taken style film...

Rachel Weisz is set to play the iconic and amazing Hedy Lamarr who was not only a Hollywood icon but a scientist who helped create the forerunner for wireless communication...I jest you not...

Kevin Spacey is to play the character of Jack Abramoff in the retelling this true life story that follows the once very successful Washington lobbyist who was jailed for bribery schemes and fraudulent dealings with a number of casinos. The film was formerly called Bagman and now renamed Casino Jack, which doesn't sound as good. The story comes from Variety.

Al Pacino is in talks to play one of the lead roles in the film based on Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). The story follows an older man and his son in his twenties who reconnect after being far from close. He's big in finance while his son is a drifter, doing nothing with his life, except he has a gift, he can size up people and situations in a split second, and he's usually always right. While he wants to reconnect with his father, his father encourages him to come into the financial world and at the same time exploiting his talent for his own personal gain. The news from Yahoo News sounds like a nice role for Pacino.

Nicole Kidman, according to Variety, has left Woody Allen's latest film which already has Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts and Freida Pinto lined up in the cast. There's no word yet who will be replacing her.

Paul Walker is in talks to star in a film called Protection, a film that hopes to cash in on the success of the Taken (Filmstalker review) formula of film, the kind of film that's been around for ages and always seems to work on a decent level – think Lee Marvin, Mel Gibson and Liam Neeson. The film has a pretty standard premise, the daughter of of a Mexican judge is on the run from the people who murdered her family and has the protection of a single agent as they run cross country.

Good news for the project is Simon West is on board to direct, according to Risky Business Blog through Coming Soon, and he knows a thing or two about action. You know I think this could work out.

Rachel Weisz is set to play the iconic and amazing Hedy Lamarr according to The Hollywood Reporter, in a film called Face Value from Amy Redford. The film will focus on the life of Lamarr who was a huge Hollywood star as well as a scientist who helped to create frequency-hopping within signals, something that was a building block of today's modern wireless communications. Her most famous role was in Cecil B. DeMille's Samson and Delilah and was huge Hollywood icon. That sounds a fantastic role for Weisz who carries a similar screen presence.



Ey Richard!

You might want to visit London the same time that A Streetcar Named Desire is playing as Weisz will reprise the role of Blanche, it's at the Donmar Warehouse from July 23-03 October 09.

There are tons of Hollywood stars taking to the British stage just now. What other big stars are on?


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