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Stalked: The Exchange and A Very Private Gentleman

There are two film announcements that caught my eye this morning, I know it's been a long day here with baby announcements and all sorts. One is A Very Private Gentleman and the other is called The Exchange, both with interesting concepts.

A Very Private Gentleman comes from the pen or keyboard of Rowan Joffe and is an adaptation of the Martin Booth novel of the same name, while The Exchange is a film from writer and director Eran Kolirin.

At least I think Eran Kolirin is directing, it's so hard to read Variety's badly stuttering English sometimes. However they have the story that he's written the script for the film which follows a married man with children who leaves work early one day and is surprised at how different his life feels when he's at home by himself, before the family arrive home, something he's never experienced before.

This has quite an effect on him and he begins to pull away from life in the real world spending more and more time alone in his empty house and alone, distancing himself from his wife and children.

Kolirin says of the idea:

"He becomes addicted to looking at his own life out of context...It's also a story about two people who, like two icebergs, slowly and gradually detach from one another without realizing it."

I do find that a fascinating concept, especially as someone who is distanced from others so easily through doing all this online writing.

A Very Private Gentleman is a film from Anton Corbijn from Rowan Joffe's adaptation of the Martin Booth novel of the same name (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

It tells the story of an assassin who is hiding out in a beautiful Italian town waiting to carry out one final job – aren't they always? However this time his usual desire to steer clear of relationships falters and he begins to fall in love with the town, creating friendships and falling in love with someone, and so when the assignment comes through he's torn.

You know that read well when I first looked at the idea through Variety, but now I'm thinking of one of the ideas in Grosse Point Blank, and I'm sure a number of films before it. What do you think?



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