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Star Trek sequel ignoring film timeline

StarTrek_Poster.jpgNo surprise that a Star Trek (Filmstalker review) sequel is on it's way, and I bet you won't be surprised when they announce another one after that, the real surprise will be a fourth with the same cast. However the new franchise will continue and ignore what has happened in the previous films.

The two writers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, are working on the ideas right now, have revealed that (no surprise again) the main stars and writers are under contract for a sequel, and that this next film will drop all the characters from the old series as well as the plot lines.

What? You might ask. How can they possibly do that? Well if you remember...

Hold on people, there are spoilers ahead for those of you who haven't seen Star Trek (Filmstalker review), so if you want to remain spoiler free I would suggest heading off right now.

Okay, back? Let me continue.

...if you remember at the start of the film when the Romulan ship arrives in the film's time-line and immediately changes the past of James T. Kirk which has a knock on effect for the entire crew and also the history of Earth, the Federation, and Vulcan. It's a pretty huge change of direction for the series, and one that means everything we've already seen can be binned.

Goodbye Spock dying, goodbye Klingon wars and reconciliation, Khan, and all those other stories. Everything that we've already seen happen to the characters is no longer in their future, and indeed the entire future of the Universe is different now after the events in Star Trek.

Easy. Now the studio have their brand new franchise which doesn't have to abide by the television series and the film franchise.

Robert Orci makes it as plain as the night sky:

"I don't think we ever need to talk about time travel again...In fact, in the end of the movie, the device that allows time travel is destroyed. So we're stuck with this universe we're in now."

Apparently, according to the ComicBookMovie story, Orci also said that none of the original members of the cast will be needed from this point forward. Well forgive me but Spock Prime is in this current universe, are they just going to ignore him? Considering what has happened and the fact that he was from the future, and in a way caused all this, would they not want to talk to him? Use his wisdom? Oh no, apparently he's off elsewhere.

He goes on to say:

"We've had a couple of really preliminary conversations, but we really didn't want to [get ahead of ourselves], because this isn't something we invented. We wanted to see what fans think of the first one; let's see what works, and what people think is the best in what we've done. And then we can take that into account when we think about the next movie."

They are also reading all the old Star Trek books, and that suggests that they might still consider things that were in, or happened to, the old universe of Star Trek and apply some time-twisted logic to the new one. Right now who knows, it's just clear that what has gone before has most definitely gone.



Kind of what I expected from a reboot. There's been some good stories in the TV shows and movies though.


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