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Statham in Killer Elite

JasonStatham.jpgJason Statham is continuing with his action films, although he's stepping into the world of true stories again with The Killer Elite, a story written by Ranulph Fiennes called The Feathermen and based on the real life events.

The story is a superb one, and one you may not have heard of but promises high intrigue and covert assassins, and it actually happened.

The story tells of a group called The Feathermen (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) who are tasked with protecting ex-members of Britain's SAS, a group that is alleged to have been founded by the founder of the SAS themselves, Colonel David Stirling.

They suddenly become aware of a secret group of assassins called The Clinic, so called because their jobs are carried out with meticulous planning and efficiency and attention to detail, and they've been given a job of finding and assassinating a number of ex-SAS members.

So the Feathermen are set to protect them.

The story has a feel of something similar to Munich (Filmstalker review), although I haven't red the book, it does sound like it could play in a similar vein.

I do hope that they don't treat this with disrespect though, A Ranulph Fiennes novel about the SAS is indeed covering two very well respected facets of British history, Fiennes his highly regarded and the SAS have a strong and hugely respected history, and still do to this day.

Gary McKendry is set to direct The Killer Elite, according to the story he's a commercials director and the film is gaining a US $40 million budget to become an action thriller. McKendry already wrote and directed a short called Everything in This Country Must about two soldiers in Northern Ireland who accidentally hit a woman and her son. Two years later they come across a man stuck in a river with his horse, however he seems very reluctant to accept their help.

What does strike me as odd about the story from Variety is that Jason Statham will be playing a former Navy Seal who is forced out of retirement to save his best friend. So what side does he lie on, and he's playing an American who looks like he comes to save the day?

First up I thought Statham would have been better suited on the side of the SAS or The Feathermen, and secondly I do hope they aren't doing an “America saves all” rewrite of an historical story again, something we're becoming rather too familiar with.



For a minute there I thought this was going to be a remake of the Sam Peckinpah great from '75.


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