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Statham in Ritchie's Guys and Dolls?

GuysandDolls.jpgGuy Ritchie is working on a remake of the film musical Guys and Dolls and according to complete rumour and a not so trustworthy source using another unnamed source, he's looking to cast Jason Statham in the lead.

Now if you're to believe that one, you'll believe anything. Then you start thinking about the idea and suddenly you're probably not thinking it's that crazy after all.

The idea that Jason Statham could take the place that Marlon Brando did in the 1955 original doesn't seem that crazy, really what is perhaps the craziest idea in them all is that Guy Ritchie could direct a remake of Guys and Dolls.

For me that's the crazier point of the story, after all Jason Statham could have the swagger and presence to carry off that role and he probably can sing as well as Marlon Brando could!

The rumour, which you have to take with a huge bucket of salt because Collider passes it to us from The Sun, who themselves use an unnamed source and when you look at the quotes you can see it looks more like Ritchie and Statham were having a pint and a couple of laughs while the waiter overheard them.

“He had been throwing ideas around with JASON STATHAM about writing their own musical. They were joking that it would be a cross between Worzel Gummidge and Bullitt...

...Guy has had a lot of meetings with top studio bosses about other projects but the Guys And Dolls idea really tickled him.”

Okay, let me not even comment on the capitals screaming out at us, but reading those quotes you would easily be forgiven for thinking it's all overheard somewhere and that Ritchie and Statham were having a joke about it all.

However a remake of the film hasn't been too far away from the minds of Hollywood. We've heard before that Vin Diesel and Hugh Jackman have both been touted as appearing in a new version of the film, but none with Ritchie at the helm, and none of them have come to fruition.

Is there any hope for a new version of Guys and Dolls, and if there is, would you see Guy Ritchie making it with Jason Statham or could you see Vin Diesel or Hugh Jackman in the roles?

Personally I think this is a complete joke, and if it wasn't an overheard joke between two pals, the description of what Ritchie would like to do with his Guys and Dolls is surely enough to kill it.



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