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Stolen British film released

ThatDeadwoodFeeling.jpgThe British low budget film That Deadwood Feeling was handed over to a negative cutting lab in England in 2002 just a short time before the lab was closed and the stock disappeared. Reported as a crime the police and CID were involved but could find no trace of the film.

However now the film starring Jack Davenport, Dexter Fletcher, David Soul and Angus Deayton has finally been released on DVD, some eight years after filming.

The film was about, and wait for this it's uncanny, three friends who try to make a film and fail miserably, and starred Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Davenport, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' Dexter Fletcher, David Soul, yes the one from Starksy and Hutch, and the dry wit of presenter, comedian Angus Deayton and the writer/director Richard Stanley.

When the lab was closed and the film lost, the police were called and the CID concluded that it had been lost, stolen, or maliciously hidden according to the story in The Scotsman.

What was miraculous though is that videotapes from the editing process were pulled together and used to create the film all over again, and now it's finally getting a release.

Dexter Fletcher talked about the release, and he could hardly believe it.

“The whole thing is completely bizarre. It was heartbreaking for the director and producer – they spent their life savings making it. If it was not such a personal disaster for them, it would be a pretty good publicity stunt.”

Perhaps now the people behind That Deadwood Feeling will be able to recover the money they piled into it, and maybe we might get to see a film that it was thought would never see the light of day again.

The DVD release (Amazon.co.uk) also includes an interview with Richard Stanley, deleted scenes, making of the film, and a featurette called The Unmaking of Deadwood. Here's the blurb for the film:

"That Deadwood Feeling is a blackly comic film noir, a tale of three guys who dream of making a movie, of becoming players in the game of life. What could be simpler? Michael (Dexter Fletcher, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Hotel Babylon) has the enthusiasm, Jack (Jack Davenport, Pirates of the Caribbean) has the intellect and Frank (Demetri Goritsas, The Bourne Identity) - well, Frank has the answer to everything.

The only minor obstacle is that they haven¹t a single original idea between them, until out of the shadows comes this weird actor guy (Richard Stanley, dir. Hardware, Dust Devil) who offers them his life story on a plate.

Off they set on a journey of optimism, exploitation, denial, dreams, both good and bad - and ultimately death. Throughout they re offered words of worldly wisdom by Larry, (David Soul, Starsky and Hutch), a seen-it-all, done-it-all big shot that s if you believe his own publicity.

Watching over the unfolding story is an unnamed character (Angus Deayton) who seems to know everything and how it s all meant to be. But who the hell is he? What¹s his game? And what s his relationship to the mysterious Girl in the Red Dress (Ivana Horvat)?"

The question will be now is it worth the wait?



Hi this is on of the makers of the film. Thanks for the mention - I should just point out that despite his story appearing in The Scotsman, the movie really isn't the least bit Scottish unfortunately. Maybe it would have been luckier if it had been?!

You know what Simon, I have absolutely no idea why I wrote Scottish in that article! I was supposed to have written British. I do apologise Simon, I shall remedy.

In fact I've written Scottish in the title and then British in the story! I need some sleep.

I think it's damn lucky for you to manage to get the film back at all. Perhaps there's another story in there about just how you managed to get the film back from the dead? Maybe we could do a little interview?

Hi Richard

Hey, no problem at all - hope you caught up on that sleep! Very happy to do an interview if it's of interest to you.


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