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Surrogates featurette online

TheSurrogates.jpgA featurette is online for the science fiction film Surrogates which reveals plenty of footage and plot, and gives us the chance to see Bruce Willis as a Terminator style robot. I have to say it looks pretty interesting and carries a some strong visuals.

The story sees a world where people never leave their homes, interacting in the real world through surrogate robots which they can get made to look like anything they want to. It's a world without consequence, until two people die when their surrogates are "killed".

From there on in Surrogates Bruce Willis plays a policeman who starts to investigate the ongoing murders using his own surrogate, until it comes time for him to leave his house and investigate in the real world.

The trailer looks superb, and marks Jonathan Mostow's second foray with robotic humans after his rather poor Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, perhaps here he'll get the robots right with far less comic humour and set piece explosions. It certainly looks that way from the trailer.

The film also stars Rosamund Pike, Radha Mitchell and Ving Rhames, and looks pretty interesting. The moment of Bruce Willis with his arm chopped off is something special, and the concepts and effects you see in the featurette look really good. I'm definitely interested in seeing this film now.



Jonathan Mostow was not really a good choice to follow James Cameron when it came to Terminator 3, but, he's always come across as a down to earth guy in interviews etc and this film looks good. One to keep an eye on.


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