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Terminator Salvation does feature Schwarzenegger

TerminatorSalvation-T800.jpgJust in case you were concerned, and a few of you were after the supposed shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger's CGI created appearance in Terminator Salvation was captured and shown online, Schwarzenegger's T-800 does actually make an appearance in the new film.

We were all a little concerned that the work Industrial Light and Magic were doing might not be pulled off in time, but it seems they've done it, and the scene is in the final film.

However the early reviews are coming out from the big hitters for Terminator Salvation and they're saying that it's lacking without the real Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to Reuters, The Hollywood Reporter says that the fun factor is missing, something they claim is an important ingredient of the Terminator franchise. Well glib lines perhaps, but the fun they are perhaps referring to is what switched a lot of people off to the third film.

That said, the L.A. Times says that the positive is the action is plentiful, it just has no soul. Well what do you expect? It's all about the Terminators.

Still, he's back, and although this is a very brief scene, it does suggest that with all the computer advancements to come, we could see that role expanded upon in the next film, and all with the aide of CGI.



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