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Terminator Salvation four minute trailer online

TerminatorSalvation.jpgA four minute trailer has appeared online for Terminator Salvation, and it's a cracker. Letting the film footage speak for itself. McG has done the best thing for any negative press there is out there, just show footage, and plenty of it.

It's not just randomly cut together either, this is a proper huge length trailer which will need a few play throughs for you to catch all the new footage and dialogue, and there's plenty of it.

Marcus' true identity isn't a secret, not even a half arsed secret anymore and the marketing team are playing on it. For me this seems like a huge centrepiece of the story, the idea that Connor can only win with the help of a Terminator, except for a change this isn't a Terminator made to look like a human, this is a Terminator made from a human, and the human side looks like it's winning.

Well we can only hope it is of course, because if it isn't then there's going to be some sort of showdown at the end of Terminator Salvation.

I still see that the original idea of Connor dying and being replaced by this Terminator covered in his old skin would make for an interesting twist in the mythology, however I still don't think it would stick. It'll be interesting to see what sort of surprises have been delivered for the version we see in cinemas.

You can see the extended Terminator Salvation trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:480p:720p:1080p] or you can watch a flash version right here. I'd recommend it, unless you want to stay clear of all the footage, because it looks damn good. This is the way to silence negative press McG, deliver, and deliver big.



I think that is possibly the best action trailer I have EVER seen. Pure win.

Brilliant! I love the look of the film and I'm just waiting for it's early June release (here in the UK)!

Super Trailer but I can't help thinking that this (and the other trailers) are spoiling a great reveal that one of the main characters is a machine himself.

Hey Ed, actually that was revealed ages ago, and I it was a press release that revealed it too so it couldn't have been meant as a big surprise, unless it was a big mistake.


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