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Terminator Salvation thirteen clips and interviews

TerminatorSalvation.jpgThere are not only nine film clips for Terminator Salvation online, but there's also a new exclusive footage clip of around five minutes worth of footage, and cast interviews from just about everybody from McG and Christian Bale to Moon Bloodgood and the producers.

Now if that's not enough footage for you, I'll throw in a couple of behind the scenes runs. Strap yourselves in.

First up, let's look at the nine Terminator Salvation clips released over the last couple of days.

Clip 1: 01:17

Clip 2: 01:27

Clip 3: 01:01

Clip 4: 00:58

Clip 5: 00:52

Clip 6: 01:15

Clip 7: 00:41

Clip 8: 01:06

Clip 9: 01:13

Clip 10: 01:07

Then there's the behind the scenes footage from the film which covers quite a bit of footage and some interesting scenes, no real spoilers if you've been following things so far.

Part 1

Part 2

Here's the Harvester robot footage which doesn't just have an introduction from McG, it follows up the scene with how they built up and filmed the whole scene. It's an absolute corker of a featurette, seriously, you can either head over to Pizza Hut to see it through Coming Soon, or watch it below.

Now let's get into those interviews.


Christian Bale

Sam Worthington

Anton Yelchin

Bryce Dallas Howard

Moon Bloodgood


Jeffrey Silver (Producer)

Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson (Producers)

Okay, I need a breather after that, that's a hell of a lot of footage. I'm getting more and more excited for the film, genuinely, I'm starting to think that McG is not only going to pull it off but blow us away...fingers crossed.



Wow - that was a lot to digest. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I cannot wait much longer!! Thanks for uploading these Richard.

No problem Billy, it is looking like it's getting better and better.


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