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The Echo trailer online

Sigaw_Poster.jpgYam Laranas once sent me a copy of his film Sigaw (Filmstalker review), otherwise known as Echo, a Philippine horror film that did a damn fine job of creeping me out more than straight out horrifying me. I really liked it.

Then he was invited over to Hollywood and asked to remake it, with a bigger budget, and so he did. However it's been a while since we've really heard anything about it, and his blog has been rather quiet, until now as the trailer appears online.

The Echo is due for release in Korea on May 28th, but there are no other details of releases in other countries, and that's disappointing, because judging from the strength of this trailer I'd say The Echo remake is on course to give the original a run for its money.

The subtlety, rising fear, and strong score are all there along with a few twists on the original story that saw a young man moving into a cheap apartment block with hardly anyone else living there. He begins to hear noises from down the hall, but no one lives there, and when he starts to see things he begins to question his own sanity, and if the little girl and woman he keeps seeing are real.

The remake looks very strong, and there are some nice touches in the trailer, if it is playing a little fast in the early cuts, I think it also reveals just a little too much of the scary bathroom cubicle scene. Aside from that, I'm keen to find out when it's coming to a screen near me.

Here's the trailer through HorrorMovies.ca.



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