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The Losers gains bad guy

TheLosers.jpgI'm really interested in The Losers project, I keep saying it but it's how a badass, realistic A-Team should be. The comic tells the story of a team of black-op agents for hire who are on a mission for the CIA when they are set-up to be killed by the very people who hired them. So when they manage to get out alive they return to America to hunt down those responsible, with extreme prejudice.

Already the casting is looking strong, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the team leader, Zoe Saldana, Iris Elba and Columbus Short as members of his team, but now there's rumour of a possible bad guy for them to fight.

Jason Patric is the man that may well be announced this week, a choice that sounds superb if you ask me. He's a great actor, and playing a bad guy could give him some room to play something a little different.

The rumour comes from AICN through Latino Review, and I'm liking it. What I don't like though is the thought that the Stomp the Yard director is helming it, this is a huge step down from the director before, and the director before, and Peter Berg who was originally set to adapt the story. Oh how I wish it were still him.

Let's give Sylvian White the benefit of the doubt though and see if perhaps he could deliver something close to the original The Losers.



Jason patric IS DA MAN. BEST actor in movies and most underused !


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