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Updated District 9 trailer online

District9.jpgThere's a new trailer online for District 9, and while it isn't different for almost the entire length, they have changed one major part of it, and it's an interesting change which could suggest a number of things about the film.

Previously, at the end of the trailer, we saw the Alien being interrogated, it's face blocked out from the camera and no subtitles. Well that's changed now, its face is seen and there are now subtitles for his words, and it changes the tone of it dramatically.

When I first watched the trailer for District 9 from Neill Blomkamp I thought that his end scene had a little bit of menace from the point of view that it felt a little like a tough, no holds barred, terrorist interview.

However now, this trailer below, makes it feel a lot more anti-human and pro-alien, and even the features and actions of the creature seem less menacing. It's clearly going to make us out to seem the bad guys.

Have a look for yourself.



The change has made me more interested to see the film. I like the idea of us being the bad guys, as a race. It seems only natural that the government etc would want to capture what they don't understand and gain it's goods for possibly and most likely bad things.

Having read through the information that's available online (ie the sites that have been created to promote the mythology of the film) I'm convinced this could be something quite special. It might not work, but I'm fascinated by the concept. This trailer only makes me more interested. I'd love an HD version though...


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