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V: The Series trailer online

V.jpgI know this is a mini-series and not strictly a film, but watching the trailer for this I'm not certain that V: The Series only had a choice of being a mini-series, I think there was a chance it could have been a film too.

Okay you can see that there are some cost cuttings in the trailer itself, but the dramatic element of the story, the performances, and the way this is put together it's pitching itself to be the new Battlestar Galactica and yet it I think it could have been even more.

The trailer plays out just like a dramatic film trailer, much more than a mini-series advert, but there's that cheaper, television feel to it that gives it away. However it doesn't look that cheap, and it looks set to raise the bar once again, at least I certainly hope so.

You can see the trailer for V: The Series right here through Topless Robot and Twitch and see what you think. I'm rather taken with it as you can tell, but if it was just that little bit slicker I do wonder what it could have been, or still could be.

There's a good cast in it as you can see by watching the trailer. I do hope it holds up and proves to be more than a cheap mini-series remake of V.

Oh and there's a nice glimpse of the real aliens at the end, glad they haven't changed some of the basics.

You can see another trailers here that gives away a lot more than the one above, and looks a lot more like television.



It looks rather good, I must say. Just hope they can make it engaging and exciting as well as interesting and not just a remake for the sake of remaking the much loved original.

holy crap it's Elizabeth Mitchel from LOST!!!!!

i'll definitely be watching this with the wife. Looks pretty meaty.

It's exactly her! She's gorgeous, I always find I'm pining after her in Lost!

I do hope they manage to make it as good as they did the BSG remake, it has the same potential.

However what we can see here does suggest that it's almost exactly the same as before, I hope there's something more modern and clever in there, perhaps more politics, etc.

More politics would be good!


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