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Van Damme in Highlander director's film

VanDamme.jpgThe director of Highlander, Russell Mulcahy, is working on a new film called Weapon, and two casting names have just been announced for it, Vinnie Jones and Jean-Cluade Van Damme. Could this be the start of a rise for Van Damme after his film JCVD helped us see him in a different light?

It's still not blockbuster material just yet, but it is a definite return to form for Van Damme and looks like it's set to be something pretty decent, it could also turn out to be not bad for Vinnie Jones too.

Weapon will see Jean-Claude Van Damme play Derek Chase and Vinnie Jones play Jack Conway, the world's most talented assassins, who join forces to try and destroy the head of a drug cartel that is backed by the DEA.

Sounds an interesting idea, and does sound like it would be right up Van Damme's alley, and while it isn't a resurgence for his career, it certainly is reading as though it's up there with his old films and could see him return to Hollywood as others of his era and ilk are.

Personally I hope so, although I would have loved to have seen him join The Expendables cast, this is still looking rather good, and it's good news through Variety for Vinnie Jones too, as he gets a leading role that's a little different from the English thug he often gets.

Then there's the director, Russell Mulcahy, he's not been churning out hits since Highlander and The Shadow (not a hit but I rank it highly), but it's there, and he's been coming back to form too and has some interesting projects on his slate.

We can but hope.



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