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Von Trier defends unliked Antichrist

Antichrist.jpgLars von Trier's latest film Antichrist has been hitting a lot of criticism in Cannes, and a lot of it seems to be down to a couple of scenes in particular, now if the criticism really is all based on the disapproval of two specific scenes then I'd be considering ignoring that and going to see it anyway to make up my own mind.

However saying that the scenes do sound a little on the rough side and the negativity seems to be spreading further than these two scenes alone. However von Trier has a cast iron argument to counter all of that.

Speaking about the negativity for Antichrist he said:

"I don't think I have to justify it...I don't think I owe anyone an explanation. I never had a choice -- it's the hand of God, I'm afraid."

Brilliant, disassociate all your involvement in the film and blame it all on something else, something that we can't counter, criticise or discuss. So Lars von Trier didn't make the film, god did.

Variety tells us that Antichrist includes a scene of sexual penetration and of genital mutilation, and I believe that it's these two scenes that are causing a degree of the negativity. How much is really down to that and how much is down to the film as a complete entity is yet to be seen.

That comment and story aside, I do think that the film should be given a chance. Don't write it off for a negative wave of criticism coming out of Cannes and let's wait and see it for ourselves. Let's see what the non-Cannes community has to say about it, and indeed the public too.



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