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Weisz' Cannibal film freed by courts

Rohtenburg.jpgRohtenburg is a film which is described as inspired by the true story of Armin Meiwes, the man jailed in Germany for murdering and partially eating another man with his consent.

It was that very fact that resulted in the film being banned in Germany, but now a court has reversed the 2006 ban and will allow the film to be shown.

Rohtenburg stars Keri Russell, Thomas Kretchmann and is directed by Martin Weisz. It tells the story of a graduate student in Germany, played by Russell, who is researching a renowned murderer and cannibal played by Kretchmann.

As her research leads her deeper and deeper into the life and mind of the killer, so she becomes more and more obsessed with him and his choices, and it's not long before she's beginning to get pulled into the same world as the killer did.

The film is inspired by the true story of Armin Meiwes who sourced a willing victim on the Internet and murdered him then partially ate him.

It was this inspiration which lead to the case against the film in Germany where Meiwes himself claimed that the film would cause emotional damage to himself, that was after he'd signed a marketing deal with a production company in 2004, according to the BBC article.

The film-makers argued that his story had little to do with the film, but they weren't successful. It's only now that courts have seen sense and...

“...ruled that the producers' right to artistic freedom, together with Meiwes' own previous efforts at marketing the gory deed, outweighed his personal rights.

The film did not misrepresent the facts of the case, which were in any case widely known, a court statement said.”

So now the film will get shown, but will the interest that the studio probably hoped for from the publicity of the actual case now be lost? More than that is the film actually any good and will it turn out to be a fuss over nothing?



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