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Welsh's Magnificent Seven remake

IrvineWelsh.jpgIrvine Welsh is set to remake The Magnificent Seven, or rather he'll make it with an incredibly different twist, for it's not going to be a cowboy film, but his version will be a football (soccer) film called The Magnificent Eleven.

The film will be following an amateur football team who are struggling to win their games, and they have to protect the local tandoori restaurant from a gang of thugs.

Okay, I'm not really getting the love of this myself, although it is sounding an interesting take on the original The Magnificent Seven, I do think it's got a lot of ground to make up and it's not done itself any favours selling the story in this way.

Of course, on the other hand, The Magnificent Seven itself is adapted from The Seven Samurai, a story of Samurai's protecting a village, and perhaps the people who first heard the pitch about replacing the Samurai's with cowboys had a little chortle to themselves and said no way.

That said, Samurai's to cowboys isn't quite the same as cowboys to footballers.

The film, according to Empire, is being written just now with Irvine Welsh co-writing and set to direct. It's a comedy, in case you didn't realise, and so far that's all we really have on it.

I would have thought that this would have been a great title for a film solely about football, but the idea of bringing in the comedy and having them protect a tandoori restaurant could bring in a whole new level.

Seriously, what do you think of the idea?



yea, this just sounds bad...

To me this sounds more like a remake of Stephen Chow's "Shaolin Soccer".

I think this idea sucks. An amatuer football team protecting a restaurant from a gang of thugs? Please! It's an insult to the two previous movies it came from.

The Seven Samurai was fantastic. The Magnificent Seven was pretty darn good too. There were several Japanese samurai movies that were remade into westerns. The samurai and the cowboy come from each respective country's romantic eras so the transition was natural. Yojimbo was made into A Fist Full of Dollars. But to compare the samurai or the cowboy to a modern football team? That will take some convincing.


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