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Whatever Works trailer online

WhateverWorks.jpgThe trailer for Woody Allen's latest film, Whatever Works, is online and stars Larry David playing the character that Woody Allen would if he was still appearing in front of the screen. It's Woody Allen all over.

However something different happens here with David, I find it funnier. For some reason the lines and style that Allen would deliver that never tickled me, now seem funnier with David.

Whatever Works tells the story of a man who decides to live a more bohemian life and in the process meets a young girl who is trying to find her way in the city. Her family start to appear on his doorstep and soon the relationships are becoming more and more entangled and the main character is getting more and more wound up and frustrated.

It stars Larry David, Ed Begley Jr., Patricia Clarkson and Evan Rachel Wood.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:480p:720p:1080p]. What do you think? A return to form for Woody Allen comedy?

Personally I've never been a fan of his comedy, but his turn around with Match Point (Filmstalker review) was something that surprised me and got me hooked. I'm not really holding out much hope for this film.



"Personally I've never been a fan of his comedy" = "I'm a very shallow person". I bet you also hate subtitles, films in black and white, etc. God, the masses are truly asses. To be a fan of Woody Allen means that you have to have a brain.

Oh wow, I know what kind of person you are Jeff, the kind that generalises and makes sweeping statements about people, especially ones you have no idea about.

This is obvious since your assumption, and you know what that makes, is hugely inaccurate and with over three years worth of evidence for you to look at on this very site you have no idea of my viewing tastes or intelligence.

A little research would help, and would show signs of intelligence on your part, as well as showing that your less shallow than reading one article amongst three years worth and assuming that I...

a) Hate subtitles
b) Don't like black and white films
c) Have no brain

Well we can already dismiss c) since I have shown intelligence to form an opinion, build a site, review films, type, etc.

Now if you'd taken a few moments to look at the wealth of reviews on the site or to read a few of the editorial articles you would clearly see that your assumptions for your first two points are also inaccurate and wrong.

Further more if you'd bothered to read the entire article you would see that I do like Match Point, and the comment clearly states I am not a fan of his comedy, the second paragraph also says that this trailer tickled me and I found it funny.

I did not realise that the yardstick for intelligence was by your public announcent of enjoyment of Allen's comedy.

Perhaps you should do a little research before making such sweeping statements about someone, especially when those statements are clearly inaccurate.

Love this rebuttal post of yours Richard!


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