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Closed: Win Dante 01, Eden Log, Jack Brooks on DVD, last chance

Outlander.jpgThis is your last chance to enter and win one of three science fiction DVD's, three really good films, and if you aren't sure you can read my own review for two of the films – written before the competition!

You can win Dante 01, Eden Log or Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer on DVD, thanks to the guys behind Outlander.

To celebrate the release of Outlander (Filmstalker review) I have been given three DVD's to give away, Dante 01 (Filmstalker review), Eden Log and Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (Filmstalker review).

All three films are really good and come with great DVD offerings with some strong extras, I've seen all of them and would quite happily own all three DVD's myself, in fact I have two!

It's simple to enter, a competition open to all UK readers, and it closes end of play on the 3rd of May. Just head to the competition page and enter, it's a simple question and believe me, and previous winners, it's still very easy to win.

So get entering! Oh, and remember to look out for Outlander (Filmstalker review) in the cinemas, if you like the sound of a Predator and viking mix-up, this is the film for you.



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