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Wolverine sequel under way

HughJackman.jpgIs it any surprise that there's a sequel for X-Men Origins: Wolverine under way already? Well probably not, the studio would have seen the clamouring over their industry leaked version of the film and been very excited, and then when the figures came in they would have been rubbing their hands with glee.

Now Fox and their label Seed have begun working on the sequel, which means Hugh Jackman is in once more as the character with a chip on his shoulder and ready made forks in his hands.

What's more exciting than just knowing that there's a sequel under way is what they are planning to focus on for the main story line, and that appears to be the Japanese story line that Hugh Jackman has been touting since work on X-Men Origins: Wolverine began.

He's been saying he's in for the long run with this character and that the samurai story line was one of the ones he really wanted to see made, it's just they realised it didn't quite work as the first film.

So it looks like it'll be the second as Variety has the story of the pre-production work beginning on the sequel. There's no writer as yet, but that's the plan for the sequel story, something that was teased after the credits I believe – in one of the endings or more? I'm sure the readers can tell us more on that one.

However that's not the only story he has in development, in fact he has tons, just have a look at the list of films tied to his name in various stages of development. The Amateur, Fed X, 3 Days in Europe, Carousel, Rebound Guy, The Secret River, Drive and Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

Variety says that it's Drive he's also rather excited about, a story similar in tone to a Steve McQueen film, a comment by Jackman himself, where he's a stunt driver by day and by night a getaway car driver.

He's certainly got plenty of diversity in that list with musical to action throughout, and it looks like he's getting plenty of his dream roles in there, including more Wolverine, which is what I suspect most of his fans are excited about right now.



I'm glad to hear that another Wolverine film will be made, even if I found the first boring.

Thats good, I'm still hoping they will make a Deadpool film as well though.

I think that what we'll find is that the Wolverine film was the studio's testing ground for the audience's desire for more X-Men films, not just Wolverine, and specifically for the solo X-Men films. Deadpool, Gambit, Magneto, etc are all coming, that is until one fails and the whole lot get scrapped.


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